Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2015-06-14 09:15:47Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
IMO No.:

Freds education is making great progress. He took part in a big test and therefore he had a large selection of yachts to choose from.

In the beginning though, there was a quarrel. Fred should take care of the photo and video equipment on the jetty in Neustadt,

but Fred saw something strange in harbour basin and curios as he his, he went off to find out, what was going on there.

As Nils came back to his equipment, there was no Fred. After a while he found Fred at the end of the jetty and scolded pretty loud with him.

But he felt very sorry immediatly, because Fred looked so sad. Luckily Lisa also took part in the the test and she comforted Fred. And because Fred felt a little bit cold, he was allowed to creep under her coat.

Now everything all was right with Freds world again.

Then we got started. Fred and Nils became friends again and Fred wanted to be on the boat taking photos.

This time Fred took very good care of the equipment.

And of course he was again allowed to take the steering.

Around two hours later Fred seemed to have seen enough and wanted to change over to a sailing boat. To make sure everthing is safe, Karolina joined Fred and they both went on to a sailing boat.

First of all they did some maneuver training. During the first tack, Fred just watched the scene, to find out how things work.

In the the second go, he already took the foresheet.

But testing a sailing boat ist not only sailing, you also have to check the interior. This was now part of Freds duty. Fred discovered a hiding place in the salon table

but found it empty.

After that he continued the exploration of the interior.

After a while Fred decided, that it was about time to change to another sailing boat.

Fred was picked up by the the boat and changed just like a professional to another sailing boat.

Here he again wanted to sit on the bow and with his legs dangling over the sides. Due to his short legs, this is a little bit difficult, but Fred obviously had a good time.

But most of all he enjoyed hanging out in the lazyjacks - what a beautiful view.

Fred became hungry after all the sailing and discovered something, which looked quite promising.

But there was nothing to eat inside and a long exhausting day turned to an end.

After they arrived back at the jetty they all enjoyed a beer. Fred was allowed to take a mouthfull from Elisas beer.

Fred helped to gather all the empty glasses, before they went back to Hamburg

Freds summary: Because he likes steering so much, he preferres boats with two steering wheels, because you can not have enough of them.