Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2015-05-29 17:53:58Voyage from: to ETA:
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Freds last report is already quite a while ago, so now here is an update. It took some time writing, because I really don´t know how to say. Fred got carried away a little bit. But now things are in good order again. But one thing at a time.

Fred was busy in the editorial department, helped with the online reports and assisted Sören selecting pictures for our next issue

Then Heike came around with a request. She is head of aquatic sport department and had "a small task for Fred." And because Fred ist always friendly, helpful and very curious, he immediately set off to her office . For a while we did not hear anything, because we thought Fred was familiarizing himself with his new tasks concerning marketing and sales. Then suddenly I received an e -mail with the following image :

Looks like he totally misunderstood something. In his eagerness he drank a small bottle of liquor and fell asleep on the laptop. I don´t know how this could happen, but we immediately picked him up from there and got him back in shape. Fred assured, that his only intension was to help Heike and he believed, it was his task to empty the bottles. I believe it is only, because Fred is ashore for to long already.

And because of that, Fred was allowed to accompany our boss to Jersey for a test. Early in the morning they set off to the airport. Not very much later they found themselves in a bus on the Channel Island Jersey and Fred was amazed about the left-hand traffic

First thing Fred did, when he arrived on the boat, he familiarized himself with the instruments. The wheelsteering was new to Fred, because on Karolinas Boat there was only a tiller.

So here Fred always steered in the wrong direction, so Jochen decided to send him to the forecastle. And here the mystery of this journey begins : In the fore Fred was not alone. There was someone else there.

Strange thing about this: The first pictures Jochen send from his iphone. The pictures from from the fore, were shown to us, as they were back in the office. But both Fred an Jochen won´t talk about it. Jochen says, that this is guaranteed protection for those who provide information.