Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-11-21 17:26:43Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Independence of The Seas
IMO No.:

The weather in Southampton appeared from its best side - a bright day instead of a grey november weather.
My foster parents were surprised, that the deck chairs were stacked and tied up.
In the evening, Captain Hendrik Loy explained the reason to us. We were awaiting some rough weather the next days.

I thought this was quite cool ;-))
but not all passengers shared my joy.

With pleasure I helped to hand out all these pukebags.

Since the Independence of the Seas is fitted with stabilizers, the ship was not rolling so much.

Although the upper decks were banned for a few hours and the water was left from the pools and the spray splashed up to deck 8, inside the ship you could hardly feel the adverse weather conditions .

And even the majority of women on high heels managed the evening easliy. And I liked it very much to be rocked to sleep so gently !

I would like to introduce some people to you.
As you can imagine, I only met a few people of the total crew of 1300 persons. Some of them I met every day, some of them only now and then and others I only saw once.
But all of them had time for a friendly smile, some nice words and a photo.

First of all I would like you to meet Mana. Every evening she and her colleagues helped all the guests to find an unoccupied table in the My Time Dining. Mana was always happy to see me and is looking forward to to meet again.

Here comes Tatiana. In the Windjammer Restaurant, she and Lizbeth took care, that all guests were disinfecting and drying hands, before going to the buffets. (Imagine, some of guests really wanted to avoid this).

Tatiana told me, this was her first conctract on a cruise ship.
She grew up near the Russian-Chinese border, were it is cold all the time.

And this is Jose. He is from the Dominican Republic and took care all tables were clean and tidy and served our drinks. I even tought him a few German words.

Do you know Batman und Robin? In case you do, on this ship you can also find them.

Well, in real life they are called Rodney and Rodelio and are from the Philippines. These two guys are working as a team in MY TIME DINING and are not only excellent waiters, but also great entertainers.

Late in the evening Rodney comes up with his guitar and together with Rodelio, they were singing songs for the guests… that was great. !!

Due to the fact, that it was not busy at the pools at 8 o´clock in the morning, I arranged a training – a so called HBST = Hotel Basic Safety Training.

These drills are part of everday life to the crew, therefore there was nothing to propose. And I am brilliant supervisor – what do you think?