Fred's Logbook


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Fred’s adventure at the Waterways Police Hamburg - 11.10.2014

We can calm down all friends of Fred. He was not arrested. On the contrary! The Waterways Police Hamburg is always looking for adequate and qualified colleagues. In this sense we invited Fred for one day to accompany us.

At first he took a look at our patrol cars. He really liked to take part in an operational ride using the flashing blue light. Unfortunately he had no driving licence.

After that we boarded the seagoing vessel „Koesterberg“ and carried out a border control at the Köhlfleethafen.

Because the captain had Fred closed to his heart he would have gladly taken him on the following voyage. Fred, however, promised to be back at the “Duckdalben” until the evening.

As comfort Fred was allowed to take over the rudder, before we left the ship.

Now Fred was interested in looking around at the police station.

Here he looked over the shoulder of the responsible duty officer.

He was keen on remaining in a prison cell at least for a short time to get a touch of the feeling being arrested.

The cell was bigger than expected.

Nevertheless he didn’t want to stay for a longer time.

View from the office, first floor. The patrol boat “Bürgermeister Weichmann” at berth together with other patrol boats at the ponton of the police station.

Fred looked around on board the patrol boat „WS 20“.

Safety first!

Fred is ready for the next action.

Hello, here is Waterways Police Hamburg!

Fred had everything under control, from the deckshouse.

Now it was time to say good bye. We all had a lot of fun during Fred’s visit at Waterways Police Station 1 . The Waterways Police Hamburg heartly welcomes Fred at any time!