Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2010-06-14 19:56:23Voyage from: Brunsbuettel to Elbe-lightbouyETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:several vessels
IMO No.:

Today I met Fred. He was handed over to me by Finn, who took care of Fred on his trip on Martins sailingboat from Hamburg to Brunsbuettel. Martin and Finn asked me, if I could take Fred out to Elbe-estuary and bring him back to Brunsbuettel, because Fred is not yet very experienced travelling on ships. And because everything is just getting started, it would be a good chance to find out if Fred is ready for his trip around the world, if his equipment is ok and also if the website is working ok.

Pilotage is a profession in maritime safety. State law requires that local pilots guide ships along the river Elbe. Economic and environmental risk from today's large ships makes the job of pilots essential. For further Information about Elbe-Pilots, see:

My first job for today, was to guide a ship from Brunsbuettel locks to sea. I stowed Fred into my bag an went aboard. We left the locks of Brunsb├╝ttel at about 0600 local time. During our passage I made a few fotos:

bruecke 1

Fred on the bridge

Fred checking the safety-equipment

Finally we arrived at the pilot (sea)-station near lightbouy Elbe-Racon.
There we took a rest and around 1530 local time, we went aboard a vessel bound for the Baltic Sea, via Kiel-Canal. On North-West-Road near Brunsbuettel, were the pilot-change takes place, we disembarked and returned to the Pilot-station Brunsbuettel.

Fred on the pilot-boat

Fred passing VTS Brunsb├╝ttel