Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2010-06-07 21:48:02Voyage from: Wedel near Hamburg to BrunsbŁttelETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:SY Bareck
Flag: Germany
IMO No.:
Vesseltype:Sailing boat

It was a nice day in spring 2010 when Fred did his first sailing trip with me on the river Elbe.

On my sailing boat named "Bareck" we did a trip from Hamburg to BrunsbŁttel. A friend of mine and his son Finn joined us for todays sailing-trip to Brunsbuettel. You will see Finn later in this report.

My boat is a Shipman 28 and was built in 1978 somewhere in Scandinavia. After a little instruction for Fred we started the engine and left the marina. Some minutes later we set sails.

At first, Fred was a little bit afraid so I showed him the most secure place on my sailing boat:

But from minute to minute Fred became more brave and he wanted to know everything about sailing.

I showed him my boat and taught him how to sail. For example Fred learned what a winch is for:

Later I instructed Fred in navigation with seacharts and dividers:

And of course Fred had to learn how to use modern stuff, too.

Some hours later Fred was fit enough to to hold the tiller. He did a fantastic Job. I think Fred will be a great seafarer.

This is Finn. Finn and Fred where in love from the first minute they saw each other. Finn took care of Fred almost the whole trip from Wedel to BrunsbŁttel.

Some hours later we arrived BrunsbŁttel where my friend Axel lives. Axel is pilot on the river Elbe and he wants to take Fred with him for the next trip. Of course, Fred's new best friend Finn gave Fred to Axel. Axel, take care of Fred! And now it's your turn to continue this fantastic story!