Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2019-11-27 21:43:31Voyage from: to ETA:
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Fred escapes the coming winter by travelling to the endless summer city of Eilat!

Since the winter just came, Fred wanted to extend the summer and enjoy the sun. So, just like in a fairy tale, we followed the birds escaping from the cold, flying south to Africa. Ok, we did not fly, but we got into the car and drove south - crossed the desert - till we hit the water of the Red Sea. Ok, not Africa, but very close by. Eilat, surrounded by the desert from three sides and the Red Sea in the south, is quite close to Africa.

The legend says, that Eilat has only three days of rain and winter!
So Fred and I had nothing better to do, but to lay on the beach and enjoy the sun and the summer!

At the entrance to Eilats marina there is memorial monument to Captain Philip Earon who together with all of the crew was lost at sea with his ship, the Mineral Dampier, after a collision with a containervessel. Capt. Earon was also pilot at Eilat port and vice major of Eilat. We went there to pay tribute and honor. His son, Sivan Earon, a seaman aswell, is working as tug master in Haifa port and is a big fan of Fred!

But... the main attraction of Eilat, is not the life ashore, but... life underwater! Eilat is famous for its coral reef.
Since Fred feels naked without his life jacket and its hard to dive with it, we took a special boat with windows in its hull. It really felt like a submarine, diving between the reefs!

I think its a classic case of one pic worth 1,000 words…

After that, nothing was left, but to chill out and go back home to get ready for the next adventure!