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Last days of the summer, just before the winter kicks in, Fred and I went travelling to Caesarea. Caesarea is an ancient village, that became the major port in this area and one of the biggest in the old world, 2.000 years ago! Now archaeologists excavated this Israeli Roman city and opened it to public, so people again can walk in to this ancient city, along the shore line and enjoy the modern restaurants, which serve food and drinks in the restored buildings.

A view from the restaurant avenue to the port

Behind Fred, the ruines of the main pier.

Fred standing on one of the old marble pilars, that used to decorate the old port.

In the background the north part of the port and the city.

The old and the new. Fred standing on the ruins of Caesarea walls, facing south - in the background is the new coal terminal of Hadera Port. This new, open, port can welcome the huge 300 meter bulk carriers, carrying coal. Ships of this size, nobody even imagined about in Hordus time ( Hordus = the king who build Caesarea port!)

Fred on the outer pier.

Caesarea is considered a brilliant engineering achievment of construction of the ancient world. For example, there was no bay or any other shelter, so they had to build it and there was no suitable technic for it yet. So Hordus - king of Israel under the Roman empire - came up with a brilliant idea. He loaded barges with stones, sailed them to the desired location of the breakwater in the open sea, and sunk them controlled. While piling them up, a breakwater was formed!