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Date / Time: 2018-01-09 10:34:55Voyage from: to ETA:
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Hello everyone!

I want to update you on my life and work here on the MS Midnatsol in Antarctica. I have been here for a while now and I start to really feel part of the team as they are giving me a lot of responsibilities and work to do!
Our trips start in Punta Arenas (Chile) and before going down to the white continent, we visited the South American fjords. We organize activities such as zodiac cruising and hiking in the beautiful nature. My job is then to go on the hike and show people the way. I just stand at an intersection and tell people to turn right or left to make sure they donít get lost. It is very nice to do this because I like the nature here and it is a great contrast to the snow and ice we have in Antarctica as soon as we go further south.

As soon as we arrive in Antarctica, the scenery is completely different. The colors are opposite and sizes seem to not make sense. Everything is big and impressive, especially for me! I am happy to go on shore and help with the landing but I have to be careful with the snow as I often almost disappear in it!

Since the snow is challenging for me, I tend to look for some rocks to stand on. I am not the only clever one because the penguins do the same thing so this is usually where I make my new Antarctic friends:

After the landings, people can enjoy our activities onboard that are very varied. We have many lectures about the wildlife, politics and history of Antarctica that people can attend in different languages. MS Midnatsol also has a science corner onboard where we look at the biology and geology on a microscopic level. I am usually the one living in a world that always seems too big for me but when I see how small the world is for the creatures under the microscope, I suddenly feel very big and powerful!

My friend group onboard is growing by the day and everyone is really nice to me! They all know my name, and when I meet them when walking around, they all greet me just like the passengers!
I have been doing some Reception duties onboard where I get to help the passengers with all kinds of questions in many different languages. My reception teacher is Bethanie Rose and we work really well together:

After a long day with a landing and onboard tasks I go up to the highest deck of the ship (deck 8) to work out. After all, a pumped body like mine doesnít come for free and needs a lot of maintenance and heavy weight lifting as you can see:

The ship also offers good relaxation options and this is what I do to finish the day: a nice sauna and Jacuzzi session!

That is it for my update and I have to get back to work now! Thank you for reading and talk to you all soon!

With love,