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Hi everyone!

After visiting the USA and the Burning Man Festival, Tom and I traveled to Norway where we boarded Hurtigrutenís Fram again. This time however, we are on a very special journey that visited Europe and is now on the way to South America across the Atlantic Ocean!

Our first stop in Europe was Amsterdam where we docked right next to the Central Station! The weather was beautiful and the city is as entertaining as everyone says!

We continued sailing through the English Channel and stopped at La Coruna in Spain. From here I joined an excursions that went all the way to Santiago de Compostela! I had heard many stories about this place and seeing it in real life was very interesting. We visited the cathedral itself and saw pilgrims arriving at the finish point on the square after having walked and/or cycled for months!

After Spain we stopped in Portugal where we visited Lisbon, the capital city! The weather was very warm so it was nice to visit a cool church in the cityís ancient center.

After crossing the strait of Gibraltar, we arrived in Casablanca, Morocco! This was very different from Europe and we had a little culture-shock. The streets in the city were very busy, noisy and chaotic and the weather was even warmer than in Portugal. Tom and I walked to the big impressive Hassan II Mosque, a building so big, even Tom looked small next to it:

We then started to cross the mighty big Atlantic Ocean in the company of flying fish and dolphins! After a few days of only water and wildlife around us, we reached the remote Cape Verde islands where we visited the main island Santiago and the city of Praia!
The islands look very African when it comes to the landscapes and the people a very friendly and welcoming. Tom and I joined an excursion that took us all the way to the other side of the island, from where we started a 4 hours hike in the beautiful nature of the island! I was very pleasantly surprised with the beauty of this island that not many people have heard of.

We are now at sea again and on the way to South America where we are going to sail into the Amazon Rainforest! I have never been here before and Iím very curious to see what that place is like!