Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2015-08-18 14:04:02Voyage from: Primorsk to HamburgETA:
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Hello from the SEABASS

with one day delay, now here comes my report from my shore leave in Primorsk. First I had to take a rest, because I had aching, tired legs from all that walking around.

We arrived in Primorsk, on a beautiful Saturday and I immediately wanted to go ashore, but Capt. Eiko put me off, because we had to complete the clearance paperwork and start with loading operations first.

Later in the afternoon we went off. There was no need to take my rucksack with me, because Eiko was carrying his and on longer routes I fitted in there nicely.

Although even quite big tankers call Primorsk, the village is rather small. The taxidriver was quite surprised, when we asked for
„Достопримечательности» (the russian word for local sights)

He drove us to an impressive former finnish church, made of all different kinds of granite blocks.

Unfortunately this building is no longer used as a church. In one of the wings there is a museuem, which I definitely want to see.

Eiko & Chief Rolf:

...very strange toys they have here:

After that, we walked all over the place, till we found a typical "Victory Square"

I had a close look at the gun.

There was not much more to discover, so went to a small supermarket: In the entrance they have this very strange sort of jail.

Endure and I will free you!!!:

Since Sunday I am again, where I feel most comfortable: At Sea!

This afternoon I found out, where we will discharge: In Hamburg !!
That is fantastic, because then I can show the guys from the SEABASS my hometown.