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Danco Island / Antarctica 64°43,9’S; 062°36,2’W

We spend the afternoon at Danco Island, in the southern part of the Errera Channel. The Island was first charted in 1898 by Adrien de Gerlache. The British named it for Belgian geologist Lieutenant Emile Danco, who died of a heart attack aboard the “Belgica” when she was trapped in the ice of the Bellingshausen Sea.

This was such a beautiful day, that, even thought I was super tired, I decided to go ashore again. Oscar, Esther and I hiked up the island. It was a lovely walk on snow covered paths.

En route we passed two Gentoo Penguin colonies and quite a network of penguin highways. I saw a field of algae, which was clearly fed by the birds.

Even at the top of the island are two more Gentoo Penguin colonies.

I find it amazing how far these small little fellows walk every other day in order to feed their chicks.

From the top of Danco Island we had a breath-taking view over parts of the beautiful Errera Channel.

I could have stayed here forever, just enjoying the scenery.

The walk back down was fun! We slid more than we walked – and once Oscar fell on his backside. I had a good laugh… .

We met Lisa as our Zodiac was about to go alongside the “National Geographic Explorer”. She was heading out with the ROV – and asked if I would like to come along. That was fun!

I did not make it to my cabin today, but collapsed in Lisa’s bunk while she was getting ready for the evening recap… .