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Date / Time: 2015-01-15 07:24:21Voyage from: to ETA:
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15th of January 2015 South of the Polar Circle / Antarctica

Despite my nervousness I slept really well last night. Luckily – because this morning our Electricians Ignacije and Florijan asked if I would like to spend the day with them. What a nice idea!

The two of them discussed their plans over a cup of coffee.

Gee – they had a super long to-do list! I was also equipped with a radio and we started our day with installing a new UHF antenna.

We then checked the reception of the radios on board. We split up and went to all kinds of places like the bow-thruster room, staff office and AC rooms.

Once that was done we spend quite some time on the bridge. Here we took a look at the emergency radios and the emergency stop buttons for the ventilation units and diesel pumps. We then checked the navigation lights, the smoke detection system and the fire door indication lights.

Occasionally we took a look out the windows. MS National Geographic Explorer had crossed the polar circle again during the early morning hours and people were enjoying a beautiful day! It was blistering outside but the sun was out – what a spectacular scenery!

I enjoyed our visit to the Engine Control Room, where I met our 2nd Engineer Victoriano.

We had a cup of coffee and I was even allowed to sit at the computer.

After lunch we checked and fixed the low-level-light system on board. It is very important that these lights do work, because in case of a real emergency these lights will be guiding us.

The three of us then went on testing the fire-dampers and we had to fix AC 16.

Florijan and Ignacije have a very small but nice workshop.

I had fun learning how to use a multi-meter.

But the fun did not last too long. We got a new job order and went to check it out right away.

I must say that I am amazed how many things the two of them actually manage to get done during the course of a day! Believe it or not, but the long to-do list was all ticked off at about 17:15 hrs. Plus all the requests coming up - which need to be taken care of as soon as possible… . Guys, you really do a great job and the “Feierabendbier” is very well deserved!

This was such a busy day – I did not even have time to feel excited about my appearance at the recap tonight! I guess that was a good thing, because everything went really well. Lisa introduced me as a member of the dive-team to all the passengers! Uh – I am so proud!!! People had a good laugh when they saw me all geared up in the Zodiac. Lisa showed our footage to them and explained all the things we saw. At the end we got a big round of applause.