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Date / Time: 2015-01-05 19:05:45Voyage from: to ETA:
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Vesselname:National Geographic Explorer
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5th of January 2015
Detaille Island / Antarctica
66°51,7’S, 066°47,8’W

We spend the morning at sea, heading down far south – for the polar circle. We tried to get there via the Grandidier Channel, but there is still way too much ice for us to be able to handle. So we had to take the less scenic and a bit rougher outside route. And we made it!!!!!!!

Everybody was really excited when Lisa made the announcement during the late morning hours.

I must admit that I missed the moment on the bridge – but when we came back to Matha Strait in the early evening hours I made sure not to miss the event.

We are the first expedition passenger ship to cross the polar circle this season!!!

I was hanging out at the hotel-office this morning when Conny came in. She wanted to measure my head – for a hat which she was busy crocheting for me.

Hardly an hour later I was equipped with a new hat and a matching scarf! And can now wear partner-looks with John Gerrit!

At noon Eduardo came to the office and invited me for lunch! Now how fancy is that – a lunch invite only for me! It did not take long for me to find out that they had prepared Eduardos favourite today – a Swedish buffet lunch. With it the waiters served aquavit… .

Dangerous at this time of the day; I had to go for a nap.

We arrived off Detaille Island, located just south of the polar circle, during the early afternoon hours. I joined Conny and John Gerrit going ashore. It was super windy out there! The Zodiac ride was a bit splashy, but we made it.

On Detaille Island we took a look at the British “Base W”. The base was open between 1956 and 1959.

The scientists abandoned the station, when sea ice prevented the relief by ship. They sledged over 25 miles across sea ice in order to reach the ship, only taking a minimum of their belongings and scientific records with them. Everything else stayed behind, giving us visitors the impression that people will be returning any moment.