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Today was a long day. Martin picked me up during the early evening hours and instead of taking me home with himself, handed me over to some friends of ours. We went on a ride to Tornesch, where Captain Oliver Krüß and Esther were waiting for me. I learned that I shall re-join the “National Geographic Explorer” again! Wow! This is exciting! Maybe I can catch up with all my friends. It must be a good three years ago or so, since I travelled on board the “National Geographic Explorer”.
After a short chat in the cold we went inside. And guess what! Captain Oliver was celebrating his Birthday!

Happy birthday

Later on that evening Esther and I drove to Bremen.

She will take me on board with her. I got one week to relax, before flying all the way south to Ushuaia. It will be a long long flight… .

28th & 29th of November 2014
Bremen – Frankfurt / Germany;
Buenos Aires – Ushuaia / Argentina

Puh – that was a lot of travelling… . Friday was actually a nice and almost normal day. I got my last bits and pieces packed and a few little errands done before leaving the house and heading off to the airport. The ladies at the check-in were super nice and we even got a window seat for our flight to Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt we managed to get an upgrade for the long flight to Buenos Aires and at the gate we met a few colleagues from the ship. Even I knew somebody! My friend Henrik also travelled to Ushuaia with us. 

It took us 13 and a half hours to fly to Buenos Aires. When boarding the plane I saw that it was actually the “Siegerflieger” of our national team we were going to fly with. I thought that was pretty cool! Upgrading to the premium economy class was a smart move - I had so much space and was able to sleep a good six hours.

In Buenos Aires we spend a lot of time waiting. First we waited for colleagues scheduled to arrive on another flight. Once we had checked in for our last leg of flights to Ushuaia we sat together and enjoyed a chilled Argentine beer.

On the last flight I even had a seat all to myself – between Randy and Esther. Sooo comfty.

In Ushuaia we were transferred to a hostel, where we spend the night before embarking the “National Geographic Explorer” on Sunday morning. I slept like a rock… .