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Date / Time: 2014-10-07 19:18:14Voyage from: to ETA:
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Fred is back in Hamburg. He arrived Saturday 04.Oct. 2014. He even brought back home some souvenirs and the poster from his 4th anniversary. Thank you Christoph, this really is a nice remembrance.

But Fred will not stay for very long. Today he started off for his next adventure. And what could be a better place so find a new ship and foster, than the International Seamen´s Club DUCKDALBEN in the middle of the Port of Hamburg.

Deacon Jan Oltmanns welcomed Fred's team very warmly and showed us around. Many thanks for that .

You don´t know the seamen´s club yet? Then you really missed something.

The DUCKDALBEN is a really great facility of the German Seamen's Mission. Seafarers from all over the world are welcomed to spend their scarce leisure time here, away from the ships.

There is for example a room with table-football and pool billard.

Deacon Jan Oltmanns: "Nothing symbolizes solid ground better than a pool table"

Fred again found new friends very easy.

We were particularly impressed by the "Room of Silence". With the door closed it is really quiet in here and you feel far away from the hectic in the harbor. And the special feature of this room: Every religion has its place here.

In addition, the Duckdalben offers various communication options. Whether by phone, Skype or on the Internet: Here seafarers have the chance to call their families at home at an reasonable price.

And of course it needs a bar in a club. The team from Duckdalben gives advice and assistance to all seamen, not only behind the bar.

But next to food and drinks, you can buy also many everyday items at fair prices.

On the walls there are many souvenirs from all over the world. Many crews like to say thank you for the hospitality and bring a little souvenir. So the DUCKDALBEN is like also a small museum and in every corner there is something new to discover.

Jan Oltmanns jocular comment: " Here I am the "Lord of the Rings""

And even a cat calls this place home: Jan Oltmanns assures us, that the cat understands all languages ;-)

Beeing 4 months on board a gas tanker without an opportunity to leave the ship, you may imagine what a haven this place can be.

Such a nice place needs to be be supported:

Fred will spend the next days in the DUCKDALBEN and from there his journey will go on.

Thank you to DUCKDALBEN for supporting our idea.

If you like to know more about DUCKDALBEN: