Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-07-18 08:18:41Voyage from: to ETA:
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Vesselname:Gaschem Adriatic
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today I write one more time from Ruwais, United Arabic Emirates. We went into port for loading on Wednesday! Finally, because the heat is nearly killing us! Time to get out of this place as soon as possible!

I was again in the kitchen and helped John and Juffrey. They were very kind and allowed me to take a picture with them. On the left John (Chief Cook), on the right Juffrey (Steward). Both of them are from the Philippines.

John is responsible for the cooking. Juffrey helps him, but he has many more jobs to do! He washes the dishes, prepares the tables in the Messroom, takes the ingredients for cooking from the storerooms, sorts the garbage, boils coffee and bakes now and then a nice cake.

I gave my best and helped washing the dishes. Here you see how I stored the plates and bowls! The next storm can come!

Garbage is separated on each seagoing vessel. I put already everything in the assigned garbage bin. The sorted garbage is given ashore or some of it is burned in the on board garbage incinerator.

Of course I was cooking as well! Here you can see me on the electric stove. To observe and take care of more than two pots I am not able to! You should see John. He is the professional having six pots and pans at the same time on, wow!

Finally one picture with an overview of the kitchen! Ups, on ships it is called galley, ok! So keep in mind: Galley and not kitchen! Got it? Got it! Nice and clean, or not?

Next week we will have a look in the storerooms… I have already my favorite one.

Bye for now!