Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-07-12 18:26:35Voyage from: to ETA:
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first of all a small update about our current position! We left Singapore around 10 days ago. And now we are on anchor in a complete different area then before! It is super-hot here! No, I am not kidding! We have 42°C in the shade! Any idea where I am?
Ok, Gaschem Adriatic is now in the Persian gulf at anchor in front of Ruwais, United Arabic Emirates. We are waiting to go alongside for loading Ethylene. Before us two other ships will load their cargo, so it might take some days. No wonder, in this heat everything goes a bit slower! Luckily I left the engine room. Christoph told me, that they have now between 42-45°C down there. And they still run around with their long sleeve overalls (for safety reasons).

Ah, today I show you my new dress!

And, you like it? Does´nt it fit perfectly? And now: cooking time!

This week i prepared with the help of our Chief Cook mashed potatoes, red cabage and Kassler meat! Hmm, excellent!

This was the favorite from the officers Friday evening: Potatoes, broccoli and pork tenderloin. Oh yes, you read correctly! The deck and engine guys are from the Philippines and they get Philippine food, I mean Philippino dish! So, the cook always has the double amount of pots on the cooker to create to complete different meals.

But where are the faces of cook and steward? Perhaps I am able to take a photo if we have some calmer minutes in the galley!
Before I get a serious and real heat stroke now – quickly in my nicely air-conditioned cabin – with a ball of ice-cream…!