Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-05-30 16:13:11Voyage from: Singapore to MalaysiaETA:
Fred's foster-parent:
Profession:2nd Engineer

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Gaschem Adriatic
IMO No.:

finally we are on board! Ha, it is good to have moving planks under my feet again –actually I should say steel – because out of wood are only the furniture on board.Our first voyage was from Singapore to Kemaman, Malaysia. Stop, first I have to tell you how Christoph and I got on board the ship.

From Singapore we enjoyed a 40 minutes boat ride out to the roads (anchorage place for landlubbers). As you can see in the picture we passed many other ships during this ride!

Tcha, and how we got on the main deck? The pilot ladder is to short – you do not see it? How we go on board we will not tell you, only that I took with (actually I was in) Christophsbagpack a free ride in a “lift”.

Well, something seems to be wrong on this picture of the Gaschem Adriatic. What has changed? You find out if you check out my report: Fred is preparing for his next voyage (16th May 2014).

On board we directly stepped on the gas! You can see that on the next picture! I am in the control centre of the engine room– for seamen engine control room! Soon I will push the lever of the main engine from stop to full ahead! I want to see how well the main engine is running and how well the crew maintains her!

Oh, this is the main engine in the backround. To be honest with you it is just the top level of it. Guess you do not believe it that there are two levels more below what you see now! We will show you them at another opportunity. At the moment there are other exiting things to share!

Christoph: Fred immediately took a seat in the bowl. He thought it is a super roundabout! He quickly climbed out again after I told him that this bowl spins normally with a few 1000 revolutions per minute! The bowl belongs to a purifier which cleans fuel. To goround with this is, I assume, even for Fred to fast!

Christoph: Fred was very surprised to see all those parts belonging into the bowl. If everything is mounted not even two men can lift it by hand – a crane is needed!

I check out the purifier from the inside.Where I am standing now the bowl will be installed.Hu, behind me is a hole (you can not see it).This leads to the sludgetank. Better get out of here before I fall down into this tank!

Hurry, hurry Christoph! Where is the assembled bowl! We want to finish and go for dinner!

May I introduce you to the chief engineer! I just report to him that the overhauled purifier is running well again! I have to admit that it is really a bit faster spinning than a roundabout! With my report he seems to be more than satisfied! By the way, his name is Arkadiusz and he comes from Poland.