Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-05-23 15:00:24Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

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as announced I give you a small update. Well, I was very excited to pack with Christoph his stuff together. We made it and are ready to go! Ah, Christophs employer not yet, better the ship which we are supposed to join . Huhu, I would like to go immediately! We both are twirling our thumbs – because the cheeries aren’t ripe yet. They take another three weeks! Honestly I prefer others to pick them– I like to see the world! So, now to what I did during the past week.

Wow, all got in the bag! We will see what the airline says to Christophs bag. Might be a bit heavy –at least it looks like that. By the way Christoph is a clever guy. He put in his backpack some of his clothes. I asked him why and he started to laugh! He then explained to me that once his luggage got lost and did not arrive at the destination with him. And what you gonna do then if you go right away for a 7-14 days voyage? Hm, at least he has then some clothes to change. Cute!

I spend Sunday around Christophs hometown. On this picture I just look down over the valley he lives. Nice City down there. Looks like on a model railway from this view point.

Oh, we were not alone. Friends from Christoph went along. Of course I was the star and had a lot to explain and tell. They have all no clue about seamans life and the big, wide world! Pfff, landlubbers!

Hmmm, very tasty and i love them! Christoph too. He was very friendly and gave me the first ones from their own garden. Yummi! Delicious. You like to try one?
So, what else can I tell you. I and Christoph are supposed to fly over to Asia, maybe Australia. Uh, if i just think of the super long flight my bud hurts already! Maybe there are some nice people flying as well and we have a great time together?
Christoph: Fred, we first need our flight details and tickets! Do not start dreaming of the world before we are off! We are still waiting in Germany
Well, and so both of them have to wait some hours or even days more – what to say: seamen’s life!