Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-05-15 21:51:05Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
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the travel bug really hit me. I am so exited, because I am again busy packing my things. To be honest, I am helping Christoph with his things. But first of all I should introduce Christoph to you and then show all the things he plans to take along.

Here is Christoph. He is working as 2nd engineer on gastankers and he will be taking care of me. I was quite scared, when he told me, that we will travel on a gastanker. But Christoph managed to reassure me, because he told me that it is safe.

By the way: Our ship will be the "Gaschem Adriatic". Nice ship, isn´t it? Our depature date ist not yet confirmed. We are still waiting for our flight tickets.

Now here are all the things Christoph want´s to - and has to take along.

Believe it or not, he needs 12 documents to work as a 2nd engineer on a gastanker. Wow ! Starting with a passport, he further needs a
vaccination card, a seamans book, certificate of competence and other colourful papers.

Ohh, Christoph almost forgot his certificate of fitness for sea service. Luckily I am here to check everything.

To ensure nothing gets lost, we put all documents in to a document pouch.
Good idea !

And now all these books. Quite heavy I guess. And he want´s to take all of them along? Christoph told me, that he really likes to read books, especially after work he has time to do so.

And what do you need all these parlor games for? Don´t you have to work to do on board? Christoph explained, that it great fun to play cards with other crewmembers from time to time.

I really love this pile. Yummi !! I immediately wanted to start eating, but Christoph told me, that this is his "'nerve nourishment" and also helps against homesickness.

And of course Christoph needs clothing. Because you never know where the gastanker will be trading, it is necessary to be preapared for all seasons.

Haha, this is great! A hammock. What a nice one! Christoph brought this home from Guyana, six years ago and loves to chill out in it.

This was very exhausting. I think I will have to take a nap.

We will report again, as soon as we have everything packed and know our destination.