Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-04-27 13:59:50Voyage from: Brunsbuettlel to Elbe-EsuuaryETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
IMO No.:

Fred is back home.

He signed off in Southampton and arrived home on 25. April.
The globetrotter certainly looks good !

He was not worn out from his travels and not too tired to take action.
For this reason he went on tour from Brunsbüttel to the North Sea once again.

Around four o´clock in the morning we were on our way to the pilot station. Frank was on duty and he knows Fred for quite a while already.

Fred watching Frank at work

A glimpse behind the scenes:

The day gets off to a good start.

Time to go to the pilot boat, which will bring us to "Leonie P", a containership from Hamburg.

On board the pilot boat.

Daybreak on the River Elbe.

Nice, isn´t it?

Sunrise near Cuxhaven.

Look, a dredger !

Already there? Here comes the pilot tender.

Approaching the pilot vessel "Elbe" by tender.

First we went to the bridge to say hello.

The messroom

Then we went to the galley to say hello to the cook, who is a true fan of Fred and his adventures.

After breakfast we watched the tender at work. The tender just picked up some pilots from the pilotvessel and will now bring them to the inbound vessels.

After lunch it was our turn again. We will board "Clementine", bound for Cuxhaven.

Fred has seen a lot of the world, but never has been in Cuxhaven. So it´s Cuxhaven today.

In Cuxhaven, we were picked off by the pilot boat.


In the background you see the old lightvessel "Elbe 1"

"Alte Liebe", a wonderful view point for tourists. In the background you can see the radar tower Cuxhaven.

Oh, action. Two pilots waiting to be picked up.

Fred and the pilot boat crew

There they are !

Time for us to say good bye to Cuxhaven and return to Brunsbüttel. The Frisia Lübeck will give us a lift back home

Here she comes

A last view from the wing of the "Frisia Lübeck"

Fred on the bridge.

That was quite a nice day.

What comes next?