Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2012-08-09 17:37:16Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Santa Brunella
Flag: Liberia
IMO No.:9341122

Dear friends, I’ve come back to you with fresh news. My voyage on board Santa Brunella is going very well and I want you to know that after Indonesia I pass again the Equator line and went straight to Manila, the capital of Philippines. On the way we encountered big waves and from time to time heavy rain but it was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile I took some pictures at the gangway, the only point of access on board while the ship is moored.

I also wanted a memory from passing the Equator line so I stand near the GPS and took a pictures almost in the right time.

Now I will share a story with you my friends, a story that happened long time ago and which I heard from a Filipino officer. It’s about 5 fisherman’s who were sailing close to the coast of Philippines when their engine start having trouble. Unfortunately they were forced to abandon the fishing boat and jump in the sea. Nobody was there to rescue them except a group of dolphins, yes…that’s right, dolphins. As you may now, dolphins are very smart, friendly and they like to play with the waves made by ships and also are the only animals which the sharks are afraid of. The 5 fisherman’s started swimming to the shore together with the dolphins who were jumping and making circles around them just to keep them safe from the sharks who could suddenly appear. Finally, the fisherman’s reach the shore safe and very tired but they promised themselves that they will spread the story of their life’s all over the world so that people will not hunt dolphins but instead they will protect them. It’s a really nice story and I hoped that you enjoyed it.
Sadly this will be my last report from Santa Brunella as 15 of August we approaching Hong Kong and that is the time and place for me to sign off and wait for another beautiful vessel to pick me up into a fantastic trip around the world. Take care my friends, talk to you soon !