Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2012-07-03 17:27:01Voyage from: Singapore to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
IMO No.:

I met Theresa during an audit on SANTA BALBINA. Theresa was amused when she met me in the chief-mates office. Knowing she was the company representative I asked her, if she could not find a ship for me. She agreed and promised to take care of me. Later in the afternoon I disembarked from SANTA BALBINA, heading for new adventures.

Around 17:30 Theresa and I arrived at the ORCHARD Hotel/Orchard Road, Singapore,

where we refreshed and then went on a shopping tour(typical female)in these hundreds of shopping malls you find here.
I can tell you: You really have to watch out where you go, otherwise you never find out of this maze.

Of course we left the hotel in a hurry and forgot to take a camera along, therefore I can not show you any pictures.

After we bought several souvenirs for the beloved at home, we went to one of these typical Asian “Food Republics”, where you can get all different kind of food from all over Asia.

I tried a chicken curry and believe me: It really was hot and very delicious. Together with the food, they served a white rice drink, which was incredible sweet but it helped a lot.

At the end of the day – temperatures were still around 30°C – we enjoyed a “Ice Blended Mocca” in the Coffee Shop "The Coffee Bean" in the Orchard Road and watched the people from all over the world passing by.

In the evening, we returned to the Hotel room on the 16. floor.

Next morning I had to say good bye to Theresa, because she had a flight to Hong Kong. On the way to the airport she introduced me to the driver Harry, who took me to Tony, after we dropped Theresa at the airport.

Tony is the agent of SANTA BALBINA and SANTA BELINA. At the moment I am hanging around with Tony, observing his daily work. We were so busy, that we forgot to take some fotos, but you can believe me: I am really doing well here in Singapore. My next ship is already in sight. On 5th of July I will go aboard the MSC TARANTO and will travel together with them to Hong-Kong, were we will arrive on 15th of July. There I will change over to SANTA BRUNELLA. They are really looking forward to me on SANTA BRUNELLA, because every hand is welcome to help. I am looking forward to all the people I will meet and will of course report …