Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2011-10-27 17:55:50Voyage from: Helsinki to Kotka via St.PetersburgETA: 28.10.2011 01:00
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Birka Express
Flag: Finnish
IMO No.:9131993

Hello again!

Yesterday we were in Helsinki. 1.Officer took me and trainee with him and we were able to see the city. At the same trip we collected a coffeemaker onboard. Trainee was carrying it and I was helping.

Weather was nice and there where a lot of old beautiful buildings. If anyone of you ever goes to Helsinki, you should at least go to the Market Square. There is so much to see, to buy and to taste. But remember to watch out seagulls! I think those had me in their eyes. Scary.

This morning we came to St.Petersburg. Pilot voyage is long and narrow. In the morning time they have a convoy to get in -and in the evening convoy to get out. On the pilot voyage we passed Kronstad which is 30km west from St.Petersburg. Pilot told us, that President of Russia's wife has born there. After Mr Medvedev came to a president, in Kronstad they decided to renovate Naval Cathedral to honour his wife. Now it is very beautiful and you can see it clearly from the fairway.

Now we are on our way out with pilot onboard. Early in the morning the ship is in Kotka.

Since there is so many ports, one on each day, the crew is resting most of their off duty. But always on coffee brakes they play Yatzy. I have tried to learn the game as well. The goal of the game is to gain as much points as possible. Yes, that one I get it. But what is the difference between Full House and Chance??
I'll write to you soon again. Good night.


P.S. In Helsinki we passed a flea market. And the was a poster, which had a good life rule for all of us.