Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2011-09-19 22:27:59Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:
Name:MS National Gepgraphic Explorer Crew

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:MS National Geographic Explorer
Flag: Bahamas
IMO No.:8019356
Vesseltype:Expedition Passenger Ship
Length:112 m
Beam:16,5 m

We spend the morning at sea, heading for Klaipeda. A pilot joined our bridge team just outside the breakwater. Form here it only took us 30 minutes until we were all tied up.
I learned that Klaipeda is the third-largest city of Lithuania, situated at the mouth of the Nemunas River.
The Teutonic Knights, who first controlled the town, built a castle which they named Memelburg. The name was later shortened to Memel and became the official name of the city from the mid 12hundreds until the mid 19hundreds. Only since 1945 the Lithuanian name of Klaipeda is used.
By constructing a gigantic shipyard, dockyards and a fishing port the Soviets transformed the ice-free port into the largest piscatorial marine base of the European USSR.
Our Stewardesses Arcel and Roda Marie took me along on an excursion to the Palanga Amber Museum.

We took bus no. 4

Entrance to the Amber Museum

David Jen and me.

The museum is located in the Tyszkiewicz Palace. Feliks Tyszkiewicz, member of a noble old-Lithuanian family, built this neo-renaissance palace. It hosts approximately 28.000 pieces of amber, of which almost 50% contain inclusions of insects, spiders or plants.
The Palanga Amber Museum is surrounded by a botanical garden, covering about 100 hectares.

In the botanical garden one can find about 250 imported and 370 native plant species, out of which 24 are included in Lithuania’s list of endangered species.

Stewardesses Arcel Dimapilis, Roda Marie Dela Cruz & Esther