Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2011-08-06 18:58:58Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:
Name:National Geographic Explorer Crew

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:MS National Geographic Explorer
Flag: Bahamas
IMO No.:8019356
Vesseltype:Expedition Passenger Ship
Length:112 m
Beam:16,5 m

This afternoon we stopped at a rather small island of the archipelago. Hayes Island is known for being a Walrus haul-out. We were lucky – our scouting party also discovered some calves.

Passengers went on short walks to viewpoints observing the animals. I preferred to join our Undersea Specialist Lisa today.

We bundled up and she took me on a ride with the remote operated vehicle (ROV) boat.

Me riding the ROV

Me flying the ROV

She has a fun team around her! Our Baker Oscar was driving the Zodiac,

Lisa was operating the ROV doing some fine underwater filming with it and Electrician Dino as well as Cold Cook Tanya were also with us.

I was allowed to peer over Lisa’s shoulder while she was filming Sea Spiders, Anenomes, Shrimp, Isopods and Whelks.

It was a fun afternoon until things suddenly got busy on the radio and we realized that the ship would be sailing earlier than originally planned Fog had come up and people had to return to the ship.

Lisa Trotter / Unsersea Specialist & Esther Bruns / Purser

After dinner tonight I joined a “gathering” in the Bakery. Our Russian agent Sergey had brought some Kaviar for us. With it we had purchased some fine Vodka – it was packed in a fancy, golden coloured box.

The Galley Team had made some Blinis and cut up some sausage and cheese etc. to go with our Russian specialties.

It was delicious! And we had lots of fun… .