Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2011-07-06 12:00:00Voyage from: to BarentsburgETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Hanse Explorer
Flag: Antigua & Barbuda
IMO No.:9346110
Vesseltype:Expedition Yacht

Hello my friends,

I am looking forward to this morning at Alkhornet in Isfjorden as Brandon promissed me to take me for a short hike. At around 10 am we all were ready to go.... Alkhornet, a massive prominent rock formation after which the cliff was named, welcomed us at the beach.

The small trail to the remains of a trapper hut leaded uphill where, once arrived, offered a beautiful view over the entrance of Isfjorden. Reindeers love this place too as we met a lot of them on our way uphill. We enjoyed walking over the green fresh summer grass - a enomous change in colour to yesterday's grey misty cloudy weather. What a peaceful place here - we sit down and had a break, enjoyed the wonderful secenery before walking back to the beach where our zodiac was waiting for us to bring us back on board.

In the afternoon a real coal mining town is on our program: Barentsburg. I noticed already at the Harbour Office that here the time has stopped a couple of years ago.

A huge old telephone was fixed on the wall outside of the Harbour Office Entrance, really cool that phone and it was still working.

Here everything is written in Cyrillic as it is Russian Territory.

A very long wooden staircase leaded uphill to the small coal mining town.

Once a while I stopped on the way up, turned around and admired the beautiful view over Gronfjorden. Many wooden coal mine worker houses are very old and disused, nobody is living there anymore and one building drew our special attention: a long greenish wooden house surrounded by more modern ones looked like the slightest wind gust would blow it away.

The house is empty but the local goverment didn't want to distroy it as it became a tourist attraction :) and of course I had to take a picture of it too. Then we had a short look into the local museum,
visited the nice little wodden Russian church and on the way back we bought some souvenirs to remember this interresting day in Barentsburg.