Fred's Logbook


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Finally, friday came. In Israel, our day off is Shabbat, not Sunday. So Friday is the beginning of the weekend! Fred was waiting patiently at home on his chair, mainly watching TV and listening to music, but friday was time to hit the road with friends and familly.

Fred and I, with the family, went to special place, located on the beautiful lower region of Galil mountains. Looking at Haifa Bay and the ships at anchore, waiting for their turn, over view the valley (we say Wadi) stands tall Yehiham fortress. It was build by the crusaders to guard the main road... For more details, try Wikipedia. Fred and us just wanted pitch of beer to enjoy and watching all the view. Under the fortress there is a craft brewery called Malka (Queen).

Is there a better way to start the weekend?

After refreshing a bit, Fred asked to walk the valley so we went hiking.
We went to the fortress base and into the valley, Wadi, stream.

After long time, surrounded by only blue and metal, Fred was happy to enjoy the colour of green, yellow at the end of the summer and we got a red sunset. As the seaman says: Red sky at night, sailors delight!

Sunday evening was Israeli New year eve. We live - as all Europe - with the Gregorian Calender, celebrating with friends in parties on 31st Dec. But the Israeli (Frankly, Hebrew) new year, is family gathering. Nice dress, nice meal and everyone tells stories from last year. Fred was the star with his fascinating stories.

Fred cheers with glass of wine with my wife.

Last, but not least, the Israeli new year, is at the edge of the autumn - the heat is no longer exhausting, winter is about the come, and its perfect time for traveling to festivals around the country. Fred and I are looking foreward to it!