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Hello dear friends!

I am writing you from a very special place in high contrast with the white continent of Antarctica from where I wrote you last time. To my greatest excitement I can tell you I just explored one of the most pristine and spectacular countries on Earth that has the world’s richest biodiversity and landscapes that can take anyone’s breathe away: Costa Rica!

After leaving Antarctica, me and Tom flew to the capital city of San Jose from where we explored the country in a rental car, meaning full freedom and flexibility on our part.
Costa Rica is a country bordered by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The beaches are pristine and lined with coconut and palm trees as far as the eye can see. There are beautiful shells and we have spent days wondering around looking for them and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the coast.

The inside of the country are mountains covered in dense rainforests that host mysterious winding hiking trails deep inside its green presence. We drove to the higher mountains to explore the forests and walk several long trails that brought us to remote and little visited parts of these high altitude areas.

While in the forest, Tom was eager to photograph the local animals and often made me sit down in silence for hours, hoping for a frog to show up. It was sometimes a little boring but if the animals showed up, they were definitely worth the wait as they are very pretty and colorful:

Many of the animals in Costa Rica have developed ways to protect themselves either by being able to strike with venomous bites and stings or simply by having poisonous skins. This is the case for the poison dart frogs of whom some can kill 20 men with a single drop of their poison. We have managed to spot several of these beautiful frogs but we had to be very careful not to touch them and just appreciate their beauty from a distance:

We of course also encountered animals we didn’t think we would see like snakes and the Jesus-Christ lizard:

On top of the amazing animals, it was also very nice to just enjoy the rainforest landscapes from a boat which is what we did several times and I can’t imagine I can ever get enough of it. It was so beautiful, I could not stop smiling!

We spent in total 10 days to explore Costa Rica and it is an experience I will never forget. Both me and Tom were blown away by how beautiful this country is and how kind its inhabitants are. It is a place that we recommend everyone to visit as Costa Rica is incapable of disappointing even the most picky of travelers.
We are now going to join our beloved Expedition Ship Fram (Hurtigruten) for an expedition in the Caribbean Sea! I can’t wait to see what the islands have in store for us!

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!