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Date / Time: 2017-11-27 06:55:33Voyage from: to ETA:
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Dear friends, I am back from a wonderful week in Las Vegas with Tom and his sister Rose. I was in the United States just a few months ago for the Burning Man festival, so it was really nice to go back and see the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is a city like no other. Usually when I go to a big human city, I feel very small on the big streets and between the high buildings, but in Las Vegas, it was an entirely different dimension… Everything is bigger than big. The buildings rise to the sky and shine bright in the night with millions of lights, making them visible from far away. The cars are massive, the parking lots are massive and the stores are massive.

In Europe, I went to a MC Donald’s drive-through once, which was a fun experience. There in Las Vegas, they have a drive-through for many things and not just fast food and beverages. We saw a pharmacy drive-through and a bank with a drive-through! You just park your car alongside the buildings and get your services without going out of the car. Very interesting sight!

Apart from visiting the city, we also went out of town to explore the nature. There are many national parks close to Las Vegas and they are very beautiful! We visited the two big ones that are closest to the city and had a fantastic time! It is a desert-like landscape with sand and rock formations in all shapes and colors. Some had cracks and holes I could climb into to explore:

Las Vegas is also world-known for its flamboyant entertainment scene with a countless variety of shows every day. We have visited one that has been voted best overall show for the past 4 years: Britney’s Piece of Me Concert on the Las Vegas Boulevard! Tom and Rose have always been a fan of Britney so seeing her perform her hits was a very nice experience. I really enjoyed the show as well because I have never been to a big concert or seen such a famous person in real life and a new experience is always welcome with me.

You might think that after having been to the states several times I might not plan on coming back soon but that is not the case! Tom is going to take me on a ship that will go along the US coast and stop in major cities like Miami and New York! I am really looking forward to seeing the other side of the United States and compare it with the West coast that I now know.

Before that however, I am going back to my polar roots to explore a place that I really like: Antarctica! I am now in Chile about to board the MS Midnadsol (Hurtigruten) that is going to sail to the peninsula where I will be reunited with my dear penguin friends! I will spend the entire winter down south and my first Christmas and New Year in Antarctica!

Im looking forward to sharing my adventures with you so please stay tuned and talk to you soon!