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Dear followers,

I am back strong and ambitious and ready for an epic Expedition summer that will hopefully inspire you all to travel and protect the beautiful World we live in.

Last week, I was sent by mail to a tiny remote place in southern France to a good old friend. His name is Tom War and you might remember him from two years ago when we sailed from Germany to Norway together on Hurtigruten's MV Fram. I am very happy to say that he is taking me along again and this time on 4 amazing circumnavigation Expeditions around the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard!

We spent the week in France preparring and packing for the adventures that are waiting for us and it was a very nice experience for me to be in a warm climate in the summer! We were staying at the Le Tuquet Vert camping site that Tom's parents own in the middle of a forest where life is all about nature.

I got to experience the farming country-side lifestyle which is one I could get used to. I learned how to grow vegetables, mow a lawn and even how to drive a tractor!

Tom was very busy finishing presentations and making sure he packed all the right gear necessary during the expeditions. As exited and motivated as he was, I feel like he was also a little bit nervous. He told me he has never seen a wild Polar Bear so maybe he is a little bit apprehensive of meeting one up close.

Yesterday we took the train to Paris and flew to Longyearbyen (Svalbard's biggest city) via Oslo.

Today we went onboard Fram and prepared the ship for the new passengers.

We also went to a shooting range to learn how to handle a riffle and how to kill a Polar Bear if the situation occurs that one comes to close to us.

Tonight we are leaving the city of Longyearbyen and we will be sailing North!

I thank you for following me and hope you enjoy the posts I will be uploading! You will hear from me in a few days and I will probably have incredible stories to tell!

Greetings from me and Tom from the high Arctic!