Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2015-05-05 21:17:42Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
IMO No.:

After a short period of silence, now here is a sign of life from Fred - he arrived safely at the editorial office of the sailing magazine "YACHT". He will stay here for a few weeks to do an internship.

During his travels, Fred did not get very much experience in sailing und we want do something about it. He will enjoy a dual training. Next to daily editorial work, he will go sailing with his new colleagues, either for official business purposes or testing sailingboats or just for fun at the weekend. We are very happy to have him here and are at least as exited as he is.

Here you see a few pictures from his first day at the office.

First of all he took a close look, to where he stranded.

Anyway the intership startet nicely: He was welcomed with sweet pastry by volunteer Karolina, who will be his mentor and the person in charge during his internship.

Fred was allowed to test Nils microphone. It worked! Nils is television editor at YACHT-TV.

And he helped copy editor Rolf looking for errors:

He discoverd a remarkable tin can on Sörens desk. Sören is the picture editor. Meerkats are really very exploratory.

Fred even has his own office box. Maybe someone will write to him?

Fred taking a look at the chart in the hallway, checking out his new sailing area.

In Karolinas office he already answered some phonecalls.

He would have prefered a cellular phone, but when standing, this also works fine.

But the most important thing Fred discovered at once. The snackbox. Of course he is free to take what ever he likes. Hopefully it won´t
cause him pain in the stomach.

After all, Fred will soon be sailing again.