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Date / Time: 2015-02-13 19:50:33Voyage from: to ETA:
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13th of February 2015

It was an interesting morning. I was enjoying my last day, just sitting and communing with the Gentoo Chicks, they even gave me a little love nuzzle.

Then all of the sudden, the chicks started running and forming a crèche because a Skua landed. I tried to hold still, but the Skua seemed really interested in my scarf that Connie knit me. For a moment I was afraid that he would fly away with me, but I was saved when a Sheathbill came out, or so I thought.

Actuality the Sheathbill started dragging me to its nest as a toy for its chick – thankfully Lisa came out and got me.

Then we had a real treat – the MV Ocean Nova took Michael, Liesl, Skinner, Amy, and Lisa out on a jolly. Sarah had to stay behind to greet the “Hans Hansen”. We went through the Lemaire Channel to Pleneau Island. Although it was rainy and windy, we still hiked up to the top of Pleneau to see the iceberg graveyard. Lisa was especially happy as she never is able to get off the beach when she is Expedition Leader.

After dinner we had a quiz night. I knew all the answers, but as we were special guests we put in fake answers: for instance what kind of penguins are on the Antarctic Peninsula? We put in Smelly Ones.

It was a great day, and tonight is my last night on the island. I am very excited to see my family on “National Geographic Explorer” tomorrow, but here is a certain sadness about leaving.

However I am eternally grateful to the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust for giving me this opportunity.