Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-12-02 08:32:12Voyage from: to ETA:
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Today I would like to continue with my travel report. Again it´s about the crew.

First of all I have to apologise for missing photos. Some of my first made photos got lost some how. I am so sorry.

There is for example the photo of Neville in the Skybar, where I enjoyed my first “Yellow Bird”. Sorry Neville

And also Angie from the Schooner Bar. Here I climbed around in the spars and rigging, until Angie came up with a good drink from the bottle of rum. Sorry Angie.

And I also lost the Photo of Samantha from the Guest Services. Sorry Samantha

Sorry also to the crew of the Criso Cafe, to Mary and Cheldon from the "The Dog & Badger", Page (Port Shopping Guide), who showed me that diamonds are a girls best friend. And Sherley, the Pool Attendent. I had a very nice photo of her with wearing a jacket, hood and gloves, handing out towels to the guests. “On our way to the carribean”.
But later I saw Sherley running around happily in a T-shirt.

Fred giving lessons to the gymnastics group und felt quite rusty

Officework with Jennifer

Daniel picking up Fred

I helped Noelia from the Housekeeping with cleaning the cabins. But I won´t tell you what I saw during this time.

And here the all-rounders – the ship mechanics. What ever has to be done , they will do it. Cleaning windows, paintwork, blockages in pipelines, repairing whirlpools…
And it is really surprising, which kind of things are flushed into the toilet by some guests, who are then very surprised, that things are not working anymore.

Repairs in the childrens pool (H2O Zone)

And here you see, that repairs are done even beneath the pool.

Safety drill

Officework with „like minded“

Helping hands, when to short

Is this a printer or a fax machine?

Hmmmm, what to choose?

Cool, and I haven´t even been in Egypt

Flowrider – but again only watching!

A very special place

My favorite whirlpool.

Almost every evening I came here to relax 34 m above sea level. In the evening the pool is illuminated very nice!

„Have a break!“ You don´t have to tell me twice. I enjoyed this lovely fruit salad in these handy cups.

On the last evening there was a terrific party for the guests. “Rock Britannia”. And because there were many guests from Britain, there was unbelievable Party vibe *ggg*

If you want to enjoy delicious hamburger, you have to go to the 50s-style Diner Johnny Rockets !

Here we enjoyed very tasty and delicious burger, american fries with cheese, onion rings, milkshakes and ice cream, topped by a show from the singers and dancers of the Johnny Rockets “Oldie Night Feever”.


They even have an ice rink on this ship, where they show two different shows during the voyage.

"Freeze Frame" und "Strings".

I really liked the music and would have loved to take part in the show – but I found it was to cold. At the end of the show, I got to know some of the skaters. They really liked me.

Dear friends, this was my travel on the “Independence of the Seas“. I would have liked to stay a little bit longer, because I felt so comfortable and found a lot of new friends. But you never know – maybe one day, we will meet again.