Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2014-08-11 08:13:55Voyage from: to ETA:
Fred's foster-parent:
Profession:2nd Engineer

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Gaschem Adriatic
IMO No.:

today I write a little bit about shore leave! Oh yes, I have made it ashore! Was not that easy to get off a gastanker! Some of the crewmembers were so kind and took me along after I waited a few hours in the alleyway near the door to the main deck!

We had to go for a 30 minutes boat ride to reach the shore side! Exiting! Why? Because the swell was big and the waves not so small!

First of all we went shopping! But for some reason there was nothing in my size available.

Even with the help of this kind shopassistant it was impossible to get the right sizes for me!

The crewmembers actually foundsome thing for themselves and I check here that nobody pays too much!

The shopping tour continued in a nearby supermarket! Yep, you can buy there a few things which we hardly have on board or do not even have!

Packed with all the shopping we went into a restaurant for a great dinner! No, I cannot complain about the food on board the ship but if you are once in Indonesia you should try the local kitchen or not?

Ok, ok, some of you may think I am on holiday! You are wrong! During our working time we did carry out many necessary jobs! One day I have been with Christoph inside the main engine! Inside got that! We checked each cylinder. Was very hot inside but as well very interesting!

After more than 20000 running hours the piston rings still look great!

Here an exklusive view into one of the liners! Also still in very good condition after 20000 running hours!

Well, you think it is all nice and clean like that? Then you are wrong! Every month scavenge air space and under piston space of the main engine is cleaned! Before cleaning it looks like this:

Bye fornow!


P.S.: We are on a long sea trip in western direction and we will be on the way the whole upcoming week!