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Hi all!

After a while I get back to you.

Had pretty good time in Patagonia after the trip in Antarctica!
I was travelling with Julie I met on the Polarstern. She met up with a friend of her who is travelling in Central and South America for few months. His name is Sebastien but we all call him Milou. This guys had a pretty amazing trip. His headline: In Patagonia with a Rayanair flight! Indeed, he only took a Rayanair flight from Brussels to Spain last November then did some "boat Hickhiking" to cross the Atlantice and he is now travelling on land, using only local transports (trucks, buses, …) Cool isn't'? So yes it is possible to travel differently

Back in Patagonia for me, I've been travelling in Julie's backpack pocket for 3 weeks. Pretty good spot to enjoy the view anytime!

We went in Argentina first.

Cerro Torre in El Chalten, in the fog and the rain!

There we went to El Chalten and El Calafate…we had quite a bit of rain and bad weather but still I made a new friend. A MASSIVE lovely dog!

My new dog buddy!

We went for hiking but couldn't really enjoy the view as it was super cloudy. But was good time anyway!
We also made a mini trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier

Check out whose in the back pack? Here with Julie and Milou in Front of the Perito Moreno…before the whisky on the rock!

Taking the pose for the Chinese during the mini trekkingon the Perito Moreno.

From the Perito Moreno Platform, with outstanding view on the Glacier!

and that ended up with a whisky on the rock! Was so funny!

With my glass of Whisky on the Glacier

The Glacier is located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Southwest Santa Cruz province. It is one of the only Patagonian Glacier that is growing. Pretty rare then!

The trip continued in Ushuaia…They called it the End of the World.
Quite funny for someone coming from Antarctica!

Ushuaia…the end of the world??

In front of some ships in Ushuaia

After a little cruise on the Beagle Canal where we enjoyed the view of the Eclaireurs lighthouse, some seals and heaps of cormorants, we went for a day of skiing in Cerro Castor, the Southermost ski resort of the world! Intense day!!

Having a sandwich during the ski day in Cerro Castor

We finish our time in Argentina by a little trek in Terra Del Fuego National Park and the end of the mythic road 3. Ruta Nacional 3 is an Argentine highway (doesn't look like a highway at all in Terra Del Fuego!), stretching from the eastern side of the country in Buenos Aires, crossing the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chubut Province, Santa Cruz and Terra del Fuego. Since it starts at Avenida General Paz until the end, on the bridge over Lapataia River, it measures 3.045 km….huuuuge!!!

At the end of the road 3 in Terra Del Fuego National Park

After that, we headed up to Chile where we spend Milou's birthday in Torres Del Paine National Park. What an outstanding landscape there! Breathtaking!!!

The amazing view in Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile.

Still travelling in the backpack, didn't get too tired. Here is on a rocky beach along Lago Torres still in Torres Del Paine National Park

Enjoying the view on the Lake, the Mountain and the Glacier

That was the end of my trip in Patagonia. Winter is great there, but definitely wanna come back in summer to enjoy proper hiking and camping in the parks surrounded by these amazing mountains.