Fred's Logbook


Date / Time: 2011-11-04 08:38:56Voyage from: Antwerp to AmsterdamETA: 4.11.2011 07:00
Fred's foster-parent:

Fred's vessel:
Vesselname:Birka Express
Flag: Finnish
IMO No.:9131993

Good morning.

We are just coming to Amsterdam. Past few days have been hectic: the ship has been entering port every day. On a best day even two ports / day. We've been in Immingham, Hull, Antwerp and now in Amsterdam.
Weather has been nice. There's only thick fog at time to time. In Antwerp it was still warm, + 15 degrees.

I had a plan to find a next ship for me in Immingham. But on my over there I started to feel little bit of homesick, like all seamen sometimes do. And when Matleena told me that the ship was suppose to go up north throw Kiel Kanal, I decided to visit home.

Since being here and on Baltic Excellent, I have observed Finnish seaman's life. They usually have a work rotation 4 weeks onboard and 4 weeks off. Because of the tight time schedule, unfortunately these seamen does not usually have opportunity to go ashore and see other places. In these days most of the ships are sailing with minimum crew and that's why crew members have quite long working days. All the hours they are not working, they are resting.

Since I'm going home tomorrow, this is my last night in here on Birka Express. This evening we are going to play one more game of Yatzy and then go to sauna. Maybe Bosun will fill up the jacuzzi?

I want to thank all the crew. They have been so helpful and nice, it has been just a joy to stay onboard. I hope them all happy sailings, calm seas and good health.


P.S. There is a photo of me and Finnish Lion, which was painted by able seaman.